Years of tight budgets have put education in a real crunch. This year more than 75% of academic institutions will face a funding shortfall. Educators, administrators and students must do more with less and reduce organizational reliance on paper, protect sensitive information and provide assistive technologies for the disabled.

Colleges and universities are requiring proven paper form processing products to control the effects of rising costs and shrinking budgets, not to mention the steady increases in student applications. By automating manually intensive processes, colleges and universities can be more productive with fewer resources. Automation will enable these institutions to serve their students and faculty faster with more accurate, up-to-date information.

The most common needs:

  • Education documents: Student applications, financial aid, admissions, registration, grants and other
  • Large amount of different types of documents and forms
  • Relatively low budgeting

With Dataintro Products, institutions are experiencing great benefits by automating their paper form processes, resulting in lower costs, raise productivity and reduced response times.

Our solutions will help you to:

  • Eliminate Costs - by eliminating paper filing and storage costs
  • Increasing Productivity - processing more data with less staff
  • Improving Customer Service - Automated processing accelerates the admissions decision process, thereby increasing the potential for student attendance
  • Facilitating Student & Faculty Retention - Automated processing of paper facilitate a faster and more accurate response to student and faculty requests