Financial Services

Banks and brokers operate in one of the most competitive and highly regulated business environments of any industry. Not only are organizations within this industry subject to intense global competition, but also they are always vying to carve out impenetrable niches of business and consumer products and services.

Agility, speed, determination, accountability, and dependability are frequently the chief success factors by which they are measured. There is little room for error in executing strategies aimed at striking the perfect balance between achieving goals of revenue growth, customer retention, and improved service levels with the mandates of shareholder accountability and regulatory compliance.

The most common needs:

  • Large amounts of financial documents from both organizations and consumers: contracts, payment documents, credit card applications, mortgage papers, loan documents, financial statements, explanation of payments (EOPs), credit notes, etc.
  • High level of security
  • Regulations by government
  • Complicated structure of documents: multi-paging, various accompanying attachments, different sizes
  • Multiple branch offices

Dataintro solutions resolve the paper data capture pain and help reduce manual processes that slow down your organization and drain staff productivity to significantly increase your bottom line.

Our solutions can help you to:

  • Reduce costs while reducing time-to-market of captured data
  • Accelerate business processes
  • Provide better services
  • Improve stability and reliability in document operations
  • Getting more accurate and timely results

Banks, investment firms and financial service related organizations of all sizes need to capture critical information from a large variety of forms and documents, including credit applications, enrollment forms, change of address forms and correspondence, to name a few. From initial account enrollment processes to ongoing customer service interactions, financial services institutions need to streamline their paper data capture processes, reduce administrative overhead, strengthen customer loyalty, increase revenue and comply with new corporate governance and risk management mandates.

A sound approach to capturing data from paper documents is key for organizations looking to thrive in the dynamic and volatile financial services market. With our solutions, financial service providers can rapidly deploy error free paper data capture solutions that increase efficiencies, improve customer service levels, mitigate risk, accelerate product development cycles, streamline deal-related processes, and generate competitive advantage.