Pushed by the need to preserve institutional memory amid a growing retirement wave, the rapid adoption of electronic communication, and the need to secure and protect sensitive information, governments at all levels must adopt new approaches to information management.

In addition, government agencies face the challenge of succession planning and strategy for an aging workforce that lacks the resources to fill the roles of retiring senior management. Increasing performance with fewer, less-experienced people demands automated processes, the ability to develop rapid learning programs and the collaborative workspaces of an integrated information management infrastructure.

The most common needs:

  • Large amount of document types to collect information from different audiences: tax forms, license applications, census forms, vehicle registration, building permits, grants and other documents
  • High volumes of paper documents to be processed
  • Peak periods: processing lots of documents within a short amount of time
  • Quick response on requests

Dataintro Software provides agency-wide and departmental paper data capture solutions that support key business processes for Federal, State and Local government programs.

Our solutions will help you to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Make government programs and service delivery more efficient
  • Support informed decision making in government operations
  • Eliminate manual labor-intensive data entry
  • Accelerate business processes
  • Get more accurate and timely results

True solutions for government are designed to meet public service requirements at each level. With an industry-leading suite of paper data capture solutions, government agencies will reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and service citizens online.

Federal Government:

Government agencies operate with dynamic political agendas, increasing demand for services, and budgetary fluctuations requiring operational efficiency. Sharing key information with team members externally is critical to program performance. Agencies and contractors must ensure security and compliance with government regulations such as the FISMA, GPEA, OMB A-123, and conform to standards such as DoD 5015 for records management.

State Government:

The primary responsibility of state governments is to provide services such as transportation, healthcare and education. Government organizations must rely on key data capture solutions to get the information needed to manage critical actuations, such as:

  • Tax Processing
  • Public Employee Retirement
  • Heath Management
  • Industrial Relations Management

Increased pressure by internal auditors and offices of management and budget to justify information management projects is forcing government agencies to integrate and rationalize technology.